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Can Chromebooks Get Viruses? Nope.

April 28, 2012

A “Chrome Book”? What’s that? The Chromebook runs Google’s proprietary operating system ChromeOS. It looks like a normal laptop but it’s mainly meant for surfing the web and using web applications, a little bit like an iphone or an ipad.

So why do I want one? Well, aside from all the physical features (the light weight, the portable size, the fact that you look pretty darn cool using one in a coffee shop) the chromebook also utilizes a lot of new technology features. One of the hugest differences between normal notebook computers and the Chromebook, and one of the ones I’ve heard about the most, is the superior security.

The security on the chromebook is much higher than on other laptops, and especially with all the recent news about the Mac virus and other malware, not having to worry about constantly shielding my computer from viruses is a pretty nice “feature.”

You could easily break down all the security features of the Chromebook (sandboxing, layering, encrypted storage, etc.) into multiple features, but I’m just trying to give a general overview. It follows that Google would create a laptop that knows its way around the web and keeping data secure.

Google probably uses the same security on their cloud storage for Chromebook owners as it trusts its own servers with. Google is so advanced that their security department even can destroy threats to Chrome OS, if they ever find a way to occur, remotely. But because of the way Chrome operating system is designed, that’s not a huge worry.

It’s very complicated, but since you can’t truly “install” software on a Chromebook, in favor of the app-only approach that the company is taking, viruses and malware just can’t get a foothold on your system. I’ll be glad to not have those resource-hogging antivirus programs like McAfee and Norton running at all times and worrying about getting the latest virus definitions.

In my next post I’ll be looking at the much touted speed of the Chromebook, including the super fast boot time. Thanks for stopping by The Chromebook Review.

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